Posted by: robertsumardi | July 31, 2007

My Personal Profile

Name                              : Dr. Sumardi, S.Pd., M.Hum

Place and Date of Birth : Sragen, June 8, 1974

Position                           : An English Teacher at SMA 1 Sragen

Adress                            : Perum Puro Asri C2 no. 19 RT 37 RW 10 Sragen, Indonesia

Email                              :

Blog                                 :

Marital Status               : Married with two children

Wife’s Name                   : Yeni Sanawati, S.Pd

Children’s Name           : 1. Amalia Fadhilla Hanum (F)

2. Mirza Taftasyani (M)

Educational Backg.     : 1. S1 in English Education from Jember University ( UNEJ )

2. S2 in Linguistics from Sebelas Maret University ( UNS )

3. S3 in Educational Research and Evaluation ( UNY )



  1. pak sumardi,,..

    kunjungan dari saya… alumni smansa 2006

  2. ASSAlamualaikum mr. Sumardi, how is life, may allah the most merciul allway give happines. amin….
    do you still remember with me,??? he…. i am purwa, i gratuaded at 2006, social. i had teached me at first year in I class.

    please, give me any information,
    i study english literature now, would you like t help me if i have any mistake??? ,,,,,..
    keep spirit……my teacher.

  3. hi,sir…
    long time no see..
    i’m one of your proper students in SMA 1 Sragen
    i finished my study at 2004
    i’m really proud of you…
    i wanna see you cz you gave me inspiration n motivation to learn english.

  4. excellent…….
    maju terus pak mardi, cerdaskan putra bangsa …

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